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Planned Giving as Part of the Financial Process

The majority of Canadians contribute to charitable organizations throughout their lives in some way or another. Few individuals or families, however, do it in a planned, well-thought-out manner. Most people need the advice and expertise of financial service experts to make their wishes a reality. They need guidance to help make it happen. There is a significant opportunity for advisors to help make planned giving part of their clients’ financial or estate plans.

Professional advisors can help their clients significantly to support their favourite charitable organizations while maximizing the impact of their giving. They can also help their clients protect the value of their estates by avoiding erosion due to taxes, probate, and administration fees.

When professional advisors make planned giving part of the financial planning process, they help their clients balance their personal, family, and philanthropic goals. They also deepen their client relationships, and they help charitable organizations, such as the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation, make an impact in St. Thomas and Elgin County.

Legal Name:
St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation

Charitable Registration:
89081 6846 RR0001

For additional information, please contact:
Joanne Beaton, Coordinator, Personal & Corporate Giving
Confidential line: 519.631.2030 x 2727
Confidential email: jbeaton@stegh.on.ca