Gifts of Gratitude

When thank you doesn’t seem like enough…

Whether you are coming to STEGH for emergency care or a routine screening – we know being in hospital can be stressful!

When a nurse’s words and support ease your anxiety. When a physician takes extra time to tell you the next steps of your care to calm your worry. When a porter has a friendly chat as you are transferred within the hospital to get your mind off of a procedure. It is these moments which go above and beyond that can make all the difference.

When thank you does not seem like enough, a Gift of Gratitude in the name of your amazing care provider or care team is a special way to recognize these meaningful actions.

The Gratitude Process:

1. You are so grateful for the care you received at STEGH

2. You make a Gift of Gratitude of any size. Every gift is meaningful.

3. Your nurse, physician, therapist, social worker, housekeeper or your entire care team will be recognized with a special pin and card/certificate (and any kind message you choose to send will be shared with them).

4. Your Gift of Gratitude will help provide the essential tools and equipment needed to provide care to future patients at your hospital!
If you or a loved one wish to express gratitude in this way please contact Amanda Campbell: Amanda.Campbell@stegh.on.ca or 519-631-2030 ext. 2282.

Or click the donate button, select In Honour or Gift of Gratitude from the drop down and let us know which care team or provider you are grateful for in the “Tribute Gift or Gift of Gratitude” section. Thank you!

Messages of Gratitude

“I am home and walking un-aided at 93 after recovering from my hip surgery in the CCC. Thank you to the amazing team.”

“The ICU team saved my father-in-law’s life from COVID-19. Thank you!”

“Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physio therapists, social workers and the custodian. You took excellent care of my husband.”

“I just finished chemo treatments and wanted to give back. Thank you!”

“Thanks for all the support this year when I needed it!”