Help STEGH Purchase a New C-Arm

A vital piece of imaging equipment broke down in the Operating Room and STEGH needs to replace it ASAP.

It’s called a C-Arm. It’s a mobile X-Ray unit used for several types of urgent surgical procedures, including stabilizing bone fractures and performing joint replacements.

We’ll get a loaner machine to help treat patients until we can purchase the new one. But, we need a permanent solution to ensure we continue to provide the best patient care.

You may not realize this, but when someone falls and breaks their hip – they need surgery within 24 hours!

And, you guessed it, the C-Arm is an essential part of a hip joint replacement surgery.

In fact, the C-Arm is used just about every single day in our Emergency Department!

When someone falls and badly fractures their wrist or ankle – the C-Arm is used by the orthopaedic surgeon to help insert the pins and screws that keep it together.

When someone has a kidney stone, gallstone or cancer related blockage the C-Arm is used during an urgent surgical procedure to remove it.

We’re also getting the one that broke down fixed. That means we’ll have two of these machines in use – which is best practice in case one breaks down again in the future.

Can we count on you today? Please if you can, make a donation to help purchase a new C-Arm for your community hospital. 




C-Arm Imaging Equipment

C-Shaped arm used in surgery to easily move around the patient to take X-Ray images at any angle during the procedure. Helps the surgeon easily see what is happening in real time.