The Great Expansion

It’s incredible to think that five years ago we were talking about the construction phase of the Great Expansion and actively fundraising the community portion of the project costs.

We asked you – our generous donors – to support the largest investment into the Hospital since it opened in 1954. And today, we write to you to say mission accomplished! Thank you for your support. Thank you for your commitment to the future of our healthcare.

It is with great pride that we are able to say that we surpassed the $16 million campaign goal. It is with excitement that we would like to introduce the new North Building and services.

Emergency Department

Our new Emergency Department (ED) features a patient registration area, private triage, 15 modern exam rooms, plus two trauma rooms.

There are now separate entrances for walk-in and critical care patients that will allow for more privacy.

Critical care patients will now enter the Emergency Department through the ambulance garage, which provides shelter from environmental factors.

This new department will provide more private patient areas, a calming environment, and state-of-the-art equipment for our community.

To see the new ED, please click here


Key Facts: (stats based on 2017/18 FY)

  • Low ER wait times in Ontario!
  • +56,000 patient visits annually
  • Anticipated increase in patient volumes
  • State-of-the-art equipment and environment
  • Increased privacy with separate examination and trauma bays
  • Separate walk-in entrance and separate ambulance bay

Surgical Services

Our new Surgical Services provides larger patient areas for preparation and recovery from surgical procedures.

These bays will allow for greater patient privacy and comfort, while at the same time allowing for greater efficiency through the patient’s journey.

There are four larger state-of-the art operating rooms and separate rooms for minor surgical procedures, which has expanded our day surgery unit.

The new Surgical Services has dedicated elevators directly linked to the Medical Device Reprocessing Department that will greatly improve our process flows and infection control practices currently in place.

To see the new Surgical Department, please click here.


Key Facts:

  • +1,700 in-patient procedures
  • +7,100 day surgeries
  • Four state-of-the-art operating theatres
  • Procedure rooms to expand day surgery unit
  • Expanded preparation and recovery bays

Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Unit will feature 15 in-patient beds accompanied with out-patient programs and services.

The design of the floor maximizes the use of natural light and features an outdoor courtyard. There is a social hub with dining room, group activity space, and recreation therapy connected by a walking loop.

The nursing, psychological, and psychiatric support coupled with state-of-the-art technology will enhance patients’ experiences.

To see the Mental Health Unit, click here.


Key Facts:

  • +580 in-patient visits
  • +12,000 out-patient visits
  • The unit is welcoming with plenty of natural light
  • Outdoor courtyard
  • Walking loop connecting spaces
  • Strong nursing, psychological, and psychiatric support

Medical Device Reprocessing Department

The Medical Device Reprocessing Department (or MDRD / sterilization) is an essential service for the Hospital, and is located close to Surgical and Emergency services to help improve efficiency.

In MDRD, the design of the unit has allowed for a centralized traffic flow generated during reprocessing.

There are instrument management, tracking systems, and a clinical communication system to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and infection control are maintained during processing.

A key feature for MDRD include elevators directly connected to Surgical services for the removal of contaminated equipment, and separate elevators to bring up clean equipment onto the floor.

To see the MDRD, click here.


Key Facts:

  • Restricted access and one-way work flow
  • Implementation of instrument management and tracking system
  • Dedicated soiled and clean elevators
  • Implementation of clinical communication system
  • New equipment and dedicated scope cleaning area